App Submission Process and Domain list

Hi team,

First of all you are doing a great job here! thanks in advance.

As a team we have submitted our app to market and had a lots of confusions with review process.

We are running on Firebase for our media files as CDN.

Zoom does not allow domains like . which is problem for platforms whom using CDN.

We had to remove them and media files will not appear on quiz screen due to this problem.

Second problem is all reviews are taking too much time and we have to resubmit app for single changes and wait for a week.

I understand that everyone wants to have their app on market but there should be some way to review and contact instantly which will reduce the workload for each teams.

To sum up;

We have submitted our app and waiting for security review but we do not know how much week will take and our big problem is Zoom is not allowing us to provide known CDN domains (


Hi @quizflight , thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Do you have a specific request we can help with?


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Hi Gianni,

  1. We request to be able to add “” as Allowed Domain due to provided reasons.

  2. Add it on behalf of us please because we are not able to wait extra 5 weeks again.


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Have you had a chance to talk with your team about allowing relevant CDN url for our app which is so critical for our end users.

Hi @quizflight , please make your request through marketplace admin view :slight_smile:

Can you check the following photo please?

I am not able to add and I need help about this wrong policy and I would like to take your attention on this topic which is important for all potential app publishers.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there,
Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful information and great experience with us. Do you have any specific request that we can help?
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