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Calling the Revoke Access Token API seems to result in a Deauthorization notification where user_data_retention is set to false (meaning don’t retain user data). Is there a way to call the Revoke Access Token API indicating that the user would like their data to be retained? How can a user express their preference to NOT have their Zoom data in our app deleted?


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
The use case is this: a user records their Zoom session in Zoom’s cloud, using their personal Zoom account. They then upload this recording to our app, where they analyze the recording, adding notes and possibly even working with collaborators to study the video. They then revoke access to their personal Zoom account in order to give access to the Zoom account which they use for teaching. However, they don’t want the videos uploaded from their personal Zoom account deleted in our app. How do they express that they DON’T want the Zoom videos transferred to our app deleted, even when revoking access?

If the only way that a user can express their data retention preference is to uninstall the app from the Zoom App Marketplace, this is a limitation to our use case, as we need to be able to tell the user exactly what data they would be deleting by uninstalling Zoom.

Hey @nathaniel,

Good question. Yes the Revoke Token Endpoint kicks off the uninstall process. Currently we do not have a flag to send letting you know if user_data_retention should be set to false. Please treat it as false until we add the flag.


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