App update rejected due to Foreground service permissions in meeting sdk v5.17.6.19119

I am using the Meeting SDK (v5.17.6.19119) in my android app.

The app is built targeting SDK 34 (Android 14), so Google needs specific information about how the app uses foreground services.

Google rejected the latest app update because I need to provide more information about the foreground service.







I am running in similar problem

Similar issue and forcing us to pause our next app update.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the post. These permissions are required for screen sharing and Bluetooth audio devices. Here is the explanation of each permission:

FOREGROUND_SERVICE_MICROPHONE : Allow the capability to receive audio when the app is put in the background

FOREGROUND_SERVICE_MEDIA_PLAYBACK: Allow the capability to share audio while screen sharing

FOREGROUND_SERVICE_MEDIA_PROJECTION: Allow the capability to project the screen while screen sharing

FOREGROUND_SERVICE_CONNECTED_DEVICE: Allow the capability to use Bluetooth device as the audio source

FOREGROUND_SERVICE_PHONE_CALL: Allow the capability to use Bluetooth device for the meeting call

Hope this helps. Thank you!