Fail to get camera service

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Zoom SDK v5.13.5.11583

I am trying to apply the meeting sdk on our platform, but I am not managing to make it work because the app fails to get the camera service - it seems it is searching for a service named “” which does not exist on our platform (see logs attached below), maybe the camera service on our platform names “media.camera1” or else. How does meeting sdk get the camera service from the android fwk? is there are any solutions to this problem?

Note that the camera service is available for other apps by getSystemService

I/ServiceManager: Waiting for service…
I/ServiceManager: Waiting for service…
I/ServiceManager: Waiting for service…
W/CameraBase: Camera service no published, waiting
I/ServiceManager: Waiting for service…
I/ServiceManager: Waiting for service…
I/ServiceManager: Waiting for service…


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help. To begin, you share which SDK you are using? Also, can you share more details about your use case and screenshots of how you are calling the I/ServiceManage ? This will help us provide more personalized guidance.

Andriod SDK

Thanks for reply, I am using the zoom meeting sdk on Android platform, the SDK version is v5.13.5.11583.
Guided by, I downloaded the sample project in Zoom App Market, modified the “key” and “secret” value in the code and run the “sample” app.

The “sample” app can be correctly installed and opened on our platform, but after I clicked “join meeting” button, it showed that the sdk failed to get the camera service

Thanks for the response, can you share if this behavior only happens when you use the installed SDK on our platform ? Have you also tested the SDK outside of your platform? If so, does the same behavior persist?

I guess the reason is that our platform is a Nvidia based Android platform, it doesn’t have service.

I have also tested the sdk on other Qualcomm based platforms and it works.

Thank you for your response, @896201664 ! Is there any way to add service to Nvidia based Android platform? Also, could you please provide more information about your use case and explain why this feature is essential to you? Perhaps there may be a workaround or something. Having more details about your use case will be helpful in identifying alternative options you can consider, and I’ll forward it to our internal team for consideration. Additionally, you may also submit your use case as a feature request for further consideration here.

I should also note, it looks like NVIDIA has a Forum as well. If you have already, I’d recommend asking if
there is any way to add service to Nvidia-based Android platform there as well.

The Official NVIDIA Forums


I didn’t modify any codes on this demo app, I think the zoom sdk is searching for camera service in Android but in a not proper way, which does not consider the compatibility between different chip platforms.

The Qualcomm platform has its camera service named “”, while the Nvidia platform has its camera with other names.

Is the above conclusion correct? Could you obtain the camera service in a more general way like " getSystemService"?