Appending Custom Parameter to Zoom Join_URL?

Is there any mechanism for appending a custom querystring parameter to the Zoom Join URL that can be reported back via the Webhook meeting responses?

Use case is that we have provided Join links to both our Staff and our End-Users to join existing meetings. The same Join_URL is currently provided to both sets of users. We’d like to include something/anything in the URL to distinguish between these groups, and have that parameter reported back in the Webhook payload in meeting.participant_jbh_joined or meeting.participant_jbh_waiting.

A custom parameter would be nice, but if there’s ANYTHING we can append that would help us differentiate that would work.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Webhook request

Hey @jmauck,

Unfortunately there is no way to pass in custom query params to join_urls.

That being said, you can identify who the user is using meeting registration:

You can generate unique join links with custom fields, that you can access with the webhooks and reports API.


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