Appending Custom Parameter to Zoom Join_URL? continued

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In the answer, Tommy (staff) writes: You can generate unique join links with custom fields

And then links to the API docs explaining how to add a registrant, not how to generate unique join links. I want to know how to create a connection between registrants their “unique join link”.

I want to implement the following scenario:

  1. Schedule a meeting for a host
  2. Add registrants
  3. Pre-approve all registrants (we already have their data)
  4. Send out unique join links to each registrant, so they can automatically join with only that link, and we know who joined (possibly through webhook). We create the links and the join invitation e-mails, we don’t use Zoom for that.

This seems like a very basic scenario to me, but I can’t figure out how to connect the “unique join link” to the registrant. Finding up-to-date (!) information on which parameters can be added to join links seems pretty hard.

Hey @BoringUsername,

Happy to help answer your question. The unique join links have data associated with them based on the registrant, and the registrants answers to the questions you set, the data is not actually in the join link.

You can track the registrants from registrant, to participant via the registrant_id and id in the Meeting webhooks.

And or with the Participant Reports endpoint.

Does that help answer your question?


@tommy Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated. It does not actually answer my question though. From the little scenario I sketched, it’s obvious that I don’t want to bother invitees answering questions when they click the join link. I want the join link to be unique, and have them sign in automatically, with the credentials we have registered them with. It would be a real pain if this (to me, very obvious scenario, we’ve implemented this in other platforms) isn’t possible with Zoom.

But perhaps I’m not reading your reply right, and I can just skip the questions and all will be well. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for your time.

Hi @BoringUsername,

If the user is authenticated/logged in when they click their unique join_url and are already registered, they shouldn’t be required to answer any questions.

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you still have questions!


@will.zoom no these are not signed-in users, at least not all of them. The scenario I outlined above should work for people that don’t have a Zoom account. I also see that the email field is required when using registration. That will be problematic, because we don’t want to share these details with Zoom (GDPR) if not strictly neccessary. Which it isn’t, because Zoom will never have to contact them. So perhaps we’ll hand out generated ‘fake’ e-mail addresses out to the participants, but the most important part is: we don’t want them to have to fill out anything (questions). The (unique!) link should register them immediately. Trying to find time to test this, but man I’m swamped…

Hey @BoringUsername,

You can register the user with the API as well, so the user doesn’t have to answer the required questions, name and email. :slight_smile:


@tommy Thanks for the suggestion Tommy, that might work. But I’m a bit reluctant to register accounts for people without their knowledge. These are customers of ours, not people in our own organization. But this might be a workaround. We can delete the accounts when the meeting series have ended, possibly use (dynamically generated) e-mail addresses that belong to our organization. But for such a simple scenario, it would be a lot of work. I had hoped for something simpler: just identify a participant by something unique the the join URL, done.

Hey @BoringUsername,

When I said Register the User, I meant registration for a meeting. You aren’t creating a Zoom user account for them, you are marking them down for a meeting that has registration required. You can read more about registration here:


Okay, well that info gets my hopes up again. I’ll try to find some time to figure out if I can make this work and report back. Thanks!

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Sounds good @BoringUsername! :slight_smile:

Please keep us updated on your progress!


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