Application use for a single product

Sorry. I am not good at English and I am using translation software.

Our company and reservation system has a different domain for each customer.
If you have a similar question and can specify a redirect URL, we have our own dedicated domain to use in addition to the subdomain.
The whitelist needs to be changed variably.
Due to the complexity of managing the above, is it possible to set up a whitelist for one domain and use the application?

Also, as a customization, we need to add customer-specific functions and apply them to older versions as well, and some basic functionality specifications here may differ due to different versions, etc.
However, the specifications for using Zoom integration will be the same, but in this case, do we need to apply to the marketplace separately?

For example
[my App] → (redirect) →

  1. Get code on
  2. Get a refresh token from the acquired code and use the application.

*customer1 and customer2 are different users
Enter the code obtained in 1. → get refresh token

Enter the code obtained in 1. → get refresh token
*same product but different versions

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