Application windows disappear and won't come back

Using the latest two versions of the macOS SDK with vanilla UI we are getting reports from a couple of users that the all the application windows (the general "start meeting window and some of our application’s bespoke windows) are disappearing and the only way to get them back is to delete our app’s preferences

We have been unable to replicate this but it appears limited to M1 machines as far as we can tell.

I don’t think it’s within our code as it appears to be an SDK update which triggered the issue - any ideas?



Hi @richard1, thanks for the post.

This is certainly unusual and not something we’ve seen on our end. Let’s get a little more information to see if we can identify the cause.

  • At what point is this happening?
  • Is there any way your users would be able to try reproducing this with the SDK sample app?
  • How frequently does this happen (without deleting the app’s preferences)?


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