Appstore Issue with MobileRTCScreenShare.framework


We are supporting our application from iOS8.0 .When we are pushing app to Appsotre. It is raising issues 

  1. Your app can’t contain standalone executables/ libraries other than a valid CFExecutables of supported bundles.

2)Verify that all the platform have a consistent value for the ENABLE_BITCODE build setting.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gokul:

iOS SDK does not support BITCODE now.

We have set our enable bitcode option in project settings to NO.

When I removed MobileRTCShare framework it is not giving any issue, accepting app to testflight

MOBILERTCSCREENSHARE.FRAMEWORK is one framework as MobileRTC.framework.

So I think the root cause does not relate to MOBILERTCSCREENSHARE.FRAMEWORK, maybe incorrect link way or something else.

Hi Chao,

I have embedded both the binaries i.e : MobileRTC.Framework and MobileRTCScreeShare.framework.

Is this right way of doing things or do we need to write any runscript also to avoid these kind of issues? 

Please tell me if any more information is required  for helping me resolve the issue?

MOBILERTCSCREENSHARE.FRAMEWORK is used in screen share extension (not App target), you do not need to embed it in App target.

You can refer to the SDKSample project setting.

Thanks for the help

Closing as solved.