"Assign a phone number to a user" Call & Outbound Caller ID

I’ve noticed that using the “Assign a phone number to a user” API call also changes the users “Outbound Caller ID” field to that number.

In some cases I see the convenience, but in our companie’s case, when a user leaves the company we have a script to assign their number to their supervisor so no calls are missed and the supervisor can spread the word to outside customers that they shouldn’t call this number anymore. We want their first primary number to stay their Outbound Caller ID, and then 2-3 weeks later we unassign this number.

It would be cool if there was a true/false flag in the API call to overwrite Outbound Caller ID or not.(Feature suggestion)

Otherwise I’ll gladly do another API call for now. Is there one that can change a user’s Outbound Caller ID? Maybe in the “custom variables” parameter of "Update User: patch?

Any thoughts on this are welcome.

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