Assign Site to Zoom Phone Number before number is assigned to user via api

Is there a way via api to assign the site(site ID) to the zoom phone number before it is actually assigned to a user. We are porting over numbers and would like group them via Site that we have created before it is assigned to a user. Currently they are defaulting to “Main Site”.

This will eventually be attached to a ServiceNow Catalog Item where users can lookup numbers based on location(Site).

Hi @tim.whiting ,

Thank you for this inquiry. At the moment, this seems to only be programmatically possible with BYOC numbers:

You can assign the site_id in the request body to an array of numbers and then subsequently assign those numbers to users.

I’m doing some digging to investigate further and see if your use case is something we can implement.


I am looking for the same thing! a way to change site ID for a created user via API.


Hi @afahmy ,

Try this endpoint please:

Thank you!

Hi @gianni.zoom That works , thank you!

is it work with inner pages too or it is only for homepage?

Hi @frankfosters , I’m not sure but I imagine the change will persist since you’re not changing the site itself.

Let me know how it works!


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