Assign users to breakout rooms based on user data

I need to organize users into breakout rooms based on a specific user property. To assign users to a breakout room I do the following:

ZOOMSDK::IList<const wchar_t*>* unassignedUserList = pBODataHelper->GetUnassginedUserList();
// Some checks
for (int i = 0; i < unassignedUserList->GetCount(); i++)
	const wchar_t* strUserID = unassignedUserList->GetItem(i);

    //Here I want to assign only users with a specific property
	if (pBOCreatorHelper->AssignUserToBO(strUserID, ROOM_ID))
        // ...

To get a IUserInfo* for a specific user I call GetUserById(unsigned int) defined in the IMeetingParticipantsController interface.
However GetUnassginedUserList() returns an IList NOT of unsigned ints BUT of const_wchar_t*. Is there a function that accepts a const wchar_t* and returns a IUserInfo?

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows 10

Is there help on the way? Because I’m drowning and help is needed :slight_smile:

Hi @zoomsdkdevop, thanks for using our SDK.

Unfortunately it is not possible to get the IDs of each user through the breakout-related functions. The only identifier currently exposed through the SDK is the username, which can be obtained through GetBOUserName.


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