Associating Users to Devices

What is the difference between the Devices in:

I could only find the API to get Desk Phones and Common Area Phones, however I could not find an API to get the device list and analog telephone adaptors?
When I try to associate a deskphone to a user via the admin GUI at Users & Rooms>Users>User Name>User Settings>Desk Phones when I click on the Add button, the device that I added in the Admin>Device Management>Device List does not show up. Which API should I be using to add devices that can later be associated to a user?

Hi @simonshaw,

You should be able to use the following API to add devices to your account:

Let me know if this helps,

If there are already devices in the system (I have found different lists as described in the first email), how do I access them via the API and which are the correct ones to use?

Hi @simonshaw,

Good question—I’m not certain that we have any additional endpoints aside from these two:

Let me check on this with some internal resources and see if there’s an additional way for querying devices that aren’t desk phones or common area phones. I’ll follow up shortly,

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