Zoom Phone API behavior and differences with Account Management UI

I am seeing few cases where Zoom API is reporting less information compared to what is available via Zoom Admin UI.

  1. Comparing:
    Call Logs API https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/phone/accountcalllogs
    And Zoom Admin->Phone System Management->Call Log.

The Admin UI reports on: Path Property
The API report on caller_number_type and callee_number_type , how these are related ?

The Admin UI reports on: Device
There is no corresponding property in the API.
Would be expecting to see Caller Device and Callee Device.
The Device property is reporting the client version with the version number in the parenthesis. Might be better to report them separately.

The Admin UI reports on Site property
What is the Site is of ? Caller Site or Callee Site ?
Is this the site where phone number is registered to or physical location of where call is made from?
Would be great to see this exposed in the API as well.

The Admin UI reports on Charges property
Where is this exposed in the API?

  1. List Phone Devices
    The documentation specifies that assignee object should be present.
    Calling the API - I don’t see this property appearing in the resultset.


Hey @emelomed,

We are working on our Zoom Phone APIs to have complete parity with the Zoom Web Portal, and will have upcoming releases to close the gap.

Double check that the device actually has an assignee. Otherwise it will not show up.

As stated at the top of the docs:

" To view devices that have not yet been assigned to a user, set the value of the type query parameter as unassigned and to view devices that have been assigned, set the value as assigned ."


Thanks Tommy.

This is not the case where device is not being assigned .
In the Admin UI I can see devices assigned to a person and via API the same devices are missing assignee.

And also. Do you have an idea on when we should expect Zoom APIs to reflect closer to what UI is showing?
Next release, March, April ?

Hey @emelomed,

We will look into this. Can you send me the payload so I can get the details to debug?

We have some more Phone APIs / improvements coming in our upcoming releases.