Attendee List for recurrence webinar

Hi ,

I have created webinar with recurrence on daily basis like for 3 days.Now i want to get list of attendee by which attendee attain one session or two session or all.
In Report section i found one API Call “Retrieve webinar participants report” which gives me attendee report but it is not giving details by Occurrences, So is there any way i can get attendee details (attended and not attended) by occurrence

Hi @mayurmundekar,

Have you tried the using the meetingUUID for the endpoint?


Thanks for response…i will try and let you know


I created one webinar with 3 Occurrences and 1 user attended 2 occurrences, when i try to fetch data using UUID it is giving only 1st occurrence attendee information.

Hi @mayurmundekar,

It will onyl fetch meetings/webinars that has two or more people attending the meetings. Can you try with 2 or more users and see if that works?