Audio not working on some ios devices

We tested the react native sdk on multiple ios devices. The audio function work fine on some devices but some didn’t work at all. We didn’t hear any sound (in and out)

They threw errors:
AudioDeviceIOS::SetMuteOutputAudioUnit unmute output
AURemoteIO.cpp:2044 AURemoteIO@0x1081bea40: IOThread exiting with error 0x10004006
AURemoteIO.cpp:1668 AUIOClient_StartIO failed (-66637)

React Native Video SDK version: 1.3.1

The code snippets that are causing the error:
await zoom.audioHelper.startAudio();
await zoom.audioHelper.unmuteAudio(mySelf.userId);


  • Device: iphone xs
  • OS: iOS 15.4.1

Please check
Thank you!

Hi @thanh.huynh ,

Thank you for sharing this with us. Can you please confirm that all of the ios devices were iPhone XS and iOS 15.4.1?



The one that didn’t work is iPhone XS
We tested on different phones not just XS

Thank you!

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Hi @thanh.huynh ,

Can you please confirm if this is still an issue on the latest version?

Are you able to share the response body for the participant’s QoS?