Authorization - Redirection is not working as expected in case of Decline

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We are using user-level zoom app to integrate zoom with our application.
As part of integrating with zoom, we are currently using the above Links to communicate with the zoom Grant and authorization servers. We are also providing the call back URL.
On giving the consent as “Allow” a callback is made with the URL that we have provided and a authorizationcode is passed as query param, but on “Decline” it is navigating to “” with which we are unable to identify the declination status in our application.

No error, but the navigation is not happening with the provided callback URL and "errorCode=Denied"as a query parameter.
eg of test URL generated on zoom app : App Marketplace
We are expecting to receive the errorCode with the callbackURL in case of Decline.

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@kirannani1537 Hope you will be fine.

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