Callback when OAuth authorization is denied

When a user starts an OAuth flow and gets presented with a screen to authorize my app’s access to Zoom  and clicks Decline , I expect Zoom to redirect them to my app (using the configured redirect_uri) with an error code in a query string parameter, so that I can display an error message to the user.

However, this doesn’t happen. After I click Decline on the Oauth authorization page, I get redirected to Zoom Marketplace. Specifically,

Is this indended behavior or a bug?


PS What just happened to ?

Hi Dmitry, 

Currently it is by design for the OAuth authorization page to go back to the Zoom marketplace when it is declined. We are working on a way to for the user to set a redirect option. 

Also, we removed because it did not give most of our developers a good support experience. 


Thanks for your reply Michael,


  1. Is there a page/thread I can follow regarding the OAuth redirect on Decline?

  2. Will the content from devdocs be migrated over? I asked some questions there and were waiting to hear back.


To answer your questions

  1. You can follow our thread for updates here & we also post in our developer docs here -

  2. Unfortunately, we have lost the content from the previous support center. Feel free to ask the same question on this form and we will answer asap.