Authorize oauth, jwt, websdk

Hi @tommy, if i have a jwt app and an oauth app published under one account A. Then can an account B (authorized by oauth app account A has created) start a meeting in websdk used jwt app keys account A created?

Hi @someone, yes this is the correct workflow. The joining of a meeting through the Web SDK needs to be authorized by a JWT of the Web SDK app developer. Information on the user & meeting which is joined can be requested using an OAuth app authorized by the user on a different account.

@michael.harrington How about starting meeting? Can account B start meeting as host?

@someone Yes, only the host of the meeting can start a meeting. An app developed by Account A authorized and installed by a user on Account B can create a meeting for the user on Account B. When that user joins that meeting, the meeting will be started. If Join Before Host is enabled, the meeting can also start when participants join.