Auto generate meeting passcode

We’d like some way to automatically generate passcodes for meetings scheduled via the API when the user’s Meeting Passcode setting is not locked.

We would like to have passcodes enabled for all meetings we schedule via the API. It is quite complex for us to generate a valid passcode given we must respect the minimum password requirements. Also, there seems to be some complexity around how password work with users who use a personal meeting ID for all meeting. It would be extremely helpful if there was some way to tell the API to automatically generate a passcode for the meeting. Is that possible in the API currently? If not, is that something that could be added? Either a new parameter or maybe just using the value “AUTO” for the password parameter could trigger the automatic passcode generation.

Hi @mattpegler,

This can be accomplished by ensuring that the waiting room is disabled and locked off, and the passcode is disabled without a lock. If you pass a passcode value in your request to create a meeting with either a blank string or null, the result will be that a new passcode is automatically generated and included in the response. You can see this in Scenario 2 here:


Hi Will. Thanks for the info. We are a decent sized application and ensuring all our users change their settings isn’t really feasible.

At one point we did set our own passcodes for each meeting we scheduled via the API, but we kept running into issues with custom password requirements and oddities around users who use a PMI for all meetings.


Hey @mattpegler,

Thanks for clarifying—I can definitely understand how individual account nuances can make it hard to control this in batch, and appreciate the feedback. Should you have further questions about any of these scenarios, don’t hesitate to ask here.


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