Autofill meeting registration form for poll meeting using UTM?

I am sending a zoom invite to a meeting that is using a poll, from Infusionsoft, and would like to pass the parameters of their first name, last name, and email to autofill on the meeting registration page so they don’t have to refill all that and can just click.

Even BETTER would be to bypass this page altogether using UTM – but it is not autofilling the zoom registration form out when i add the tracking code to the URL.

This is what i’ve tried – {meetingid} is just there as a placeholder for you to get a sense of what i’m trying{meetingid}?question_first_name=~Contact.FirstName~&question_last_name=~Contact.LastName~&question_email=~Contact.Email~

Are either of those things possible?

Hey @bgbstudioa,

I suggest using the Add Meeting Registrant API to register them programmatically.