meeting register API call


 When using the meeting register API call:
The returned “join_url” works but the email parameter is not captured by zoom.  The email field is blank when reviewing the meeting attendee report.  This is critical when integrating zoom within another web application.


Hey Sylvain,

The response to the registration API call does not include an email field and being empty would be expected response. We can put this as a feature request in our pipeline.

If this is a specific issue you’re addressing, could you please provide more details?



Thank you for your response Ammar,  we were looking to switch from Clickmeeting to Zoom for our application but this makes it impossible.  Why is the email a required parameter if it is not captured by Zoom ?  Within our web application our users are already authenticated and the email is the unique identifier.  Seamless transfer from our application to a Zoom meeting is therefore impossible. 


Hey Sylvain,

The response does not include the email for simplicity, as you cannot make a call without the email, which implies you already know the email.

If you’re allowing external users to make the API calls, that would be a security issue as anyone who can make one API call(register in your case); they can make any API call. Therefore we only expect admin/developer/API owner to be making these calls and the response is built around it.


I do not think you understand our application.  Our users are already authenticated with their email and password within our web application in the back end.  The API call is made by the back end so no security issue.  The unique identifier is the email, does not make sense to use names as a unique identifier…  ClickMeeting your competitor which we are trying to replace with Zoom fully supports this and it works seamlessly.  Our user presses a button within the web application and is automatically redirected to the Zoom meeting.  We need to match login stats within our application with Zoom meeting stats.  The way we so this is by matching user email.


Hey Sylvain,

We have a meetingdetail API call which includes a list of participants in the response.

However, considering your application development needs, we’ll update our API and add the the email field in the response. This should be effective in early April when our API release rolls out.



To confirm we are on the same page: using the join URL returned from the meeting register API call will now include the email field ?  When using that join URL Zoom will capture the email field and populate the meeting attendee report ?


Also is that meetingdetail API call documented ?


The meeting/register API call’s response will be updated to reflect the email,first name and last name of registrant. This can be parsed and used according to your need.

A brief overview of the meetingdetail API can be found here under “Get Meeting Detail”.

Also, all our REST APIs can be tested in the developer API playground: This should give you an accurate image of the parameters and expected response for effective development.