Automatically download meetings from Cloud

Is it possible to use the API to create a way to automatically download meetings that have been uploaded to the Cloud?


you can use /recording/get API which will return the download URL of the mp4 recordings. You can then download the recordings from your applications.

\<recording\_file\> \<id\>654234c0-ca6e-4dfd-a09d-54f85951658f\</id\> \<meeting\_id\>ucc69C82Q5mTNyCRWE29Aw==\</meeting\_id\> \<recording\_start\>2015-04-13T01:06:36Z\</recording\_start\> \<recording\_end\>2015-04-13T01:06:47Z\</recording\_end\> \<file\_type\>MP4\</file\_type\> \<file\_size\>438482\</file\_size\> \<play\_url\>\_CJak7jrU2\</play\_url\> \<download\_url\>\_CJak7jrU2\</download\_url\> \</recording\_file\>  


I am trying to download Zoom recording from CURL or Wget commands.

But it is failing

Curl E.g.,

curl -o xcurl.mp4

Wget E.g.,

wget -O xwget.mp4


_–2017-09-28 11:46:48–
Connecting to||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 302 Found


I tried the same with python API as well, but getting failed.

Kindly let me know how can I download using CURL or WGET (am i missing any paramters here ??)