Batch download all cloud recordings in date range

Since we are running out of cloud recording storage space, we are trying to download all cloud recordings created prior to December 31, 2020. I’ve been looking around the API help and this forum, and I can’t seem to find a definitive way to download ALL cloud recordings.
I have been able to figure out how to download recordings for single meetings and recording for recurring meetings, but the one scenario I cannot download is a meeting (whether single or recurring) where only one participant joined. Many of our professors did that to record a lecture in that time, so there are ~1,400 such recordings I need to download.
I see from this thread that we could have used a webhook to record the download url, but we did not do that as we were not aware of this issue at the time.
Even trying to list all recordings from that date via the “List all recordings” API does not list the 1-participant recordings.
Is there a way yet to download all recordings that show up in the Zoom web portal?
I’d settle for any method at all that allows me to easily download the 10,000+ recordings from that date range.

Cannot get UUID or download url for single-participant recordings, even though they show up in the Zoom web portal.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Tried “List all recordings” and “Get meeting recordings” and “Get past meeting details

Hi @AVJeff,

Thanks for reaching out about this. If you need to download recordings for a past meeting that only had 1 attendee, you should be able to pass the UUID into the request url for the GET Meeting Recordings endpoint.

If you need to retrieve UUIDs for past meetings with 1 attendee, you can call this endpoint and specify the pastOne query parameter:

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

Hi @will.zoom,

That is helpful – thank you. However, that doesn’t help me get the UUIDs of meetings between June 1 and September 18, 2020 because it only lists meetings within the past six months. Is there any way to get those earlier UUIDs?

Or again, I’d be happy with any method that simply bulk downloads all recordings from a date range.

Thank you,

have you solve this issue i have also ame problem my local business Vliesbehang I have been able to figure out how to download recordings for single meetings


It’s not currently possible to query beyond 6 months using the API.

However, you may be able to get this information for longer periods using the reports available in portal. For questions about this, please feel free to reach out to our Technical Support team here.


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