Automatically Tracking Meeting Participants

We have an external event registration system. For events that take place on Zoom, we would like to be able to automatically track attendance and update our external system in an automated fashion.

However, we cannot figure out a way to do it. If someone registers with the name Elizabeth Smith but then has their Zoom client name as Lizzy. There is no way to identify people accurately.

Is it possible to append some sort of identifier to the Zoom url to be able to track attendance by a specific person?

I see there is a registration id that exists for meeting attendees. Is there a way of using that in some way? For example, could we use the API to “add a meeting registrant” that can be appended to the meeting URL? Or, is this a feature that works in Zoom Webinars but not Zoom Meetings?

Hi @creston.jamison
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

We do have an endpoint available for meetings to Add meeting registrants:

When you call this endpoint to add a registrant to a meeting, you will get back a registrant_id in your response body, which then you will be able to track down in any of the reports endpoints, for example in our Get meeting participant reports:

Hope this helps,