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We have a department that needs to be able to track participants in a meeting with a provided event ID and user ID. They also want to be able to allow participants to join in the browser versus having to download the app. I found that I can add fields to a registration form for tracking the IDs, however, this information may not align with the name users enter when joining a meeting (for the participation report), so there would be no way to match those records. Also, requiring registration means the join in browser feature does not work.

Is there any flexibility for building something like this with the Zoom API?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

Hey @meltonml,

I suggest using the Zoom Web Client, and setting the username in the query param which can be tracked with the reports / dashboard endpoints.{{ meetindID }}/join?prefer=1&un={{ base64Encoded Name }}


Thanks @tommy! I actually found that in another forum you posted to previously, and that would be a great solution for one piece of their needs. The only other issue I have is that they need to store the event and person ID. The only way I have found to accomplish that is with registration. And with registration enabled, the web client does not work. Any ideas for other workarounds on that?

Also, thank you so much for the incredibly speedy replies right now. I know you all are as busy as we are, and the fast responses are truly appreciated!

Hey @meltonml,

What do you mean they have to store the “event and person ID”?

Do they have a user database? Can you explain the flow a little more? :slight_smile:

You are welcome! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, yes, they have another application that stores their users. That system generates an event id and a person id that they need to pass to Zoom for storage with the user’s attendance in the Zoom meeting.

The solution I was able to find was to use custom fields in registration. We could then register each user with their event and person IDs using the API, and use the join link you referenced to set the user name to make sure we can match the user in the Participation report with the user in the Registration report.

The only problem is they want users to be able to join with the web client, and that doesn’t work with registration. I am pretty new to deeper Zoom functionality, so I wasn’t sure if there was an alternative workaround I’m just not aware of.

Thank you again!

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Hey @meltonml,

Yes using custom fields in registration is a good solution.

We are working to make registration work for the Zoom Web Client in an upcoming release, so look out for it! :slight_smile:


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That’s awesome news @tommy!

One more question for you: Is there a way to generate the registration confirmation emails via the API?

Thanks again!

Hey @meltonml,

As of now our API does not have email sending / generation apart from the default email that gets sent.

If you wanted to handle the emails in your own way, I suggest using SendGrid.


Thank you, yet again, for the direction @tommy!

Another question: When I try to use the update meeting api with registrants_email_notification set to a string value, I get the Request Body should be a valid JSON object error. With the value set to true, false, or an empty string, it goes through. But the specs for that property say it should be a string, so any idea on why a string value is returning an error?


Hey @meltonml, good catch. :slight_smile:

It should be a boolean. We will fix this in our docs CC @shrijana.g.


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