Bandwidth limit prediction for Zoom renderer

I am using the raw data recording method to get access to the video buffers of participants.

And I have a question about Zoom rules in this context.

Is there a method to predict or check bandwidth before setting new quality for the renderer?

I mean the situation, when I should use renderers with different qualities, for example, 1 renderer with 720p and 10 renderers with 180p.

But before setting the quality for the particular renderer it would be perfect to check if I could set the quality for a particular render.

So could I check the bandwidth limit now before setting the quality and getting the error?

Or maybe you plan to add this mechanism?

Thank you!

And could you please approve or disprove that Zoom Rules are different for Video Elements and Raw Data usage?
Or do you have one etalon Zoom Rules for all cases?

By Zoom Rules I mean allowed a combination of resolutions in the meeting.


Thank you!

@anton.yereshchenko there are some documented resolution limits for the desktop SDK here. From our experience, the concurrent video limits for video elements also apply to raw data.

We’ve solved a lot of these problems/figured out SDK limits at (the universal API for meeting bots). Let me know how else I can help.

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