Batch insert support for "Add Meeting Registrants" Endpoint

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I’m developing an application for an institute where they want to create Zoom meetings through their web portal and give access to the meetings for students who completed payments. Since there will be students who are completing the payment even after the meeting creation date until actual meeting date they also should be able to join the meeting.(For example when they create a new type 2 meeting in Monday with meeting start date as next Friday students who completes payments in Thursday should be able to join the meeting).
There will be 100-300 participants. I’m planning to add a daily CRON job to sync their internal students table with meeting registrants of Zoom.

The issue is current Add Meeting Registrants Endpoint implementation only support for a single person which means I have to send around 300 requests to the API in order to add all registrants which requires addiotional resources such as queue and also increases the network traffic of the server.
Question I have posted to the forum (Add multiple registrants with a single request)

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Add batch insert support for Add Meeting Registrants Endpoint

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Add registrants one by one as batch of 25-30 students using a FIFO queue

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