Best user-friendly way for an Admin to retrieve User Ids for Users

We’re doing an integration that will use account-level oauth app. We’ll need to have admins load into our User table the Zoom userId of each User. When I log into the Zoom web site as an admin user, I do not see the User Id value for a user listed on the User profile under User Management. Is there some other place it can be viewed without doing request to get it?

I know I can set up another app and use the Test Widget in the marketplace for Users to retrieve all the Users. That’s a bit techie for your average admin. But I don’t see a turnkey interface for admins to retrieve the User Ids for their users. We could put an admin page in our app that lets the admin retrieve the Zoom Id for each user but I don’t want to write an additional feature if there’s a way to get it in the turnkey admin interface provided by Zoom.

Hey @kkoellner,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and great question. It’s possible that there’s a way to get this via the UI—I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team directly about this, as they’re the experts when it comes to the capabilities of the Zoom Web Portal and where to find specific information:


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