Best way to share a URL into a meeting

I want to add some functionality to a Desktop application, and I’m looking for a little guidance on approach. The ideal flow would be like this:

  1. User A is in the application,
  2. User A chooses to start a meeting,
  3. User A authenticates and the application creates a meeting,
  4. User A goes to that meeting, and invites User B to join them,
  5. Once in the meeting, User B browses to a certain URL

The question is how do I get that URL into the meeting so that User B can easily find/click it.

My first thought was that I could inject it into the meeting chat, but I cannot find an API for that, and I found some 2-year-old forum posts here that indicate that’s not possible.

I can make the special URL the Topic of the meeting. That works, but it’s a little obscure.


A. Am I correct that there’s no way to send a chat message into a meeting?
B. Any other clever ideas of how I could make it easy for User B to reach that URL from within the meeting?


Hey @jesmith,

Yes, currently we do not offer in meeting chat APIs, but we plan on building these in the future.

Other than having a user send a link, no. You could customize this experience more within your app / site utilizing our SDKs.


Hello everyone !
I am facing a problem when I share a web url in zoom meeting via my mobile. I am actually sharing an idroo white board in the web url. When I write something on the online white board via my laptop it is not displayed in the meeting (in zoom mobile app). It was working perfectly fine before but today I do not know what happened to the zoom app that it is not displaying it.

Kindly help me

Hey @syedburhanshahg,

For questions / issues relating to the Zoom App, please reach out to This forum is for the Zoom App Marketplace Developer Platform.


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Thank You for guiding

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: