Black screen when change orientation ,Zoom SDK

I custmize an UI for Zoom meeting,
I have two layouts landscape and portrait ,when the screen is rotated I have a Black screen .

Zoom Sdk version 5.0

Hi @AreejH, thanks for using our SDK.

Since you are implementing a custom UI, you must manually manage the lifecycle of your UI elements when the configuration changes. For more info, please see Google’s documentation on this matter.


but I use the same code to initLayout and it works but when i change orintation it be a black screen>>>this code was working last week and I don’t change any thing now >>>it is not work

Hi @AreejH, thanks for the clarification.

Unless this is an issue caused directly by the SDK’s functionality, it is not something that we are able to assist with. Unfortunately, the best I can do is guide you towards Google’s documentation I provided in my previous post.

If you discover that a specific piece of the SDK is not functioning properly, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to help!