Blank email in /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

Hi @elearningevolve,

Was the attendee in question a user under your account? If not, their email may not appear in the report response to protect their privacy.


It’s not a user in my account, It’s meant for the attendees who join the meeting. Does that mean the email field only shows up for the Webinar attendees?

Hi @elearningevolve,

Which endpoint were you calling? For webinars, this will only show up when you use this endpoint:

Is it possible the user may have registered but didn’t attend?

Let me know if you have any other details you can share!


It shows up fine for the Webinar, the concern was related to the Meetings. If the attendee email is passed to Zoom while joining the meeting via Zoom Web SDK the email field is blank in the meeting reports.

@elearningevolve got it—to clarify, if it’s a meeting this will remain empty when you fetch reports from the Meetings endpoint, for privacy reasons.

hey :slight_smile: anything new? i started a meeting with only signed in zoom users. both basic and paid users. and none of them show me the user’s email. the api >{meetingUUID}/participants
with meeting: 816 4918 2193

furthermore, when i took the user_id and tried fetch it from:{userId}
i got 404. with user: 8NgY7Si6RKW_p8q8TbALQA

@ qatlvprod Emails not showing is a change due to privacy requirements. I don’t think that change is related to this thread. In order to comply with all the various privacy policies, Zoom is no longer providing the user_email in reports (live or past) unless the user registered or the host provided the email (i.e. in a breakout pre-assignment).

Look at some of the more recent threads regarding participant emails for more details.

Hi @usmtech thank you for replying on this thread about the recent changes we made to some of our endpoints :slight_smile:
@qatlvprod please refer to this post here:

Or feel free to start a new topic for this issue