Email Id not present in Participant Joined/Left webhook post data, for meetings with 'No Registration Required' when users connect via web sdk

We use Zoom’s create meeting api to create meetings in our website.
We have also integrated the Zoom web sdk in our website through which attendees can join the meetings. We have also registered the Participant Joined/Left webhooks in our website.

If I create a meeting with approval_type = 2 ( No Registration Required), then when attendees join the meeting via the web sdk, the participant joine/left webhook requests have the email field blank.


When attendees join via the websdk, we do supply their email:

                        meetingNumber: meetConfig.meetingNumber,
                        userName: meetConfig.userName,
                        userEmail: meetConfig.userEmail,
                        signature: meetConfig.signature,
                        apiKey: meetConfig.apiKey,
                        passWord: meetConfig.passWord,

Is there any way to make the attendee’s email id available in the participant joined/left webhook. Our attendees may or may not have zoom accounts.

Which version?
We are using zoom web sdk 1.9.6


I was facing the same problem on my site. if you got solution tell me please.

Hi @jaydeepk ,

Is it all attendees that are showing up with the email field blank when you observe the webhook requests or just some?

Additionally, how are you creating meetings? Via Zoom Client or API?

@bemikhan feel free to answer these questions within your context as well.

Thank you!

@gianni.zoom, the email field showing up blank seems to be happening with all the attendees. I’m creating meetings using the API (

Hi @jaydeepk,

I believe this may be a known issue with attendees who join via Web SDK and are not registered—we will confirm this and get back to you shortly.


Thanks @will.zoom .
None of our attendees are registered.
It would be really helpful if there is a way to get the email_id in the webhook without registering the attendees.

Thanks for the feedback @jaydeepk — we are still looking into this and will follow up shortly.


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