Blank email in /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

I try to use meeting’s participants report.
GET # /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants
I have result

As You can see The second participant does not have email and id.
It is possible If user did not sign in.
But this user was signed in.


  1. The meeting was created.
  2. Get token for zoom user via API users/{userId}/token
  3. Build url for participant.{token}
  4. Participant will be get this url and use it to join to meeting.

After that I request /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants and get participant without email.

If user use built URL{token} will it join with sign in ?

Hey @Mike_Kollen,

Did you set the name as the email? Notice in the second object the “name” value is actually an email.

I will look into this further.

Hi @tommy
Yes. I have set the name as email, as I was testing the issue. But I can set another name, this doesn’t affect the problem. Could you please get back to me ASAP as it is a blocker for us in order to deliver Zoom integration to the client

Hi @Mike_Kollen

we can investigate this further for you.

Can you please send us an email at with the meeting ID?

Hello @ojus.zoom
Sent you email

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

I have received your email, and we are investigating this issue for you. I will respond to you with any updates in the email.


Hi @Mike_Kollen,

Posting the update here as well:

We have deprecated ZPK, can you please try to use the ZAK (Zoom Access Token), and try the operation again?

To know more about ZAK, please visit:

Let me know if this resolves your issue.


Hello @ojus.zoom
I tried to use ZAK token
Unfortunately it did not solve the problem
I sent you email with steps.

Hey @Mike_Kollen,

This question has been asked before and this answer may clear things up.

Let me know if referencing those posts helps!

Hi @tommy , thanks but your reply doesn’t help, mentioned case is not related. The very first post in this thread as well as detailed steps sent over the email clearly describe that the user WAS signed in.

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

I ran some test and was able to duplicate your error on my end. I listed the below steps as to what could caused the missing email and id.

  1. The attendee is not currently signed into the Zoom Client.
  2. Next the attendee clicks the join url with the attached ZAK token -{token}
  3. They click the join url and were able join the meeting via the Zoom client with their names showing up as the participant within the meeting,
  4. However, since they are not signed in via the Zoom client, after the meeting ends the report will not show the id or user’s email.

Please take a look at the last object in the screenshots payload.

Let us know if those steps help out.


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Hello @michael_p.zoom
I have some questions to you

  1. If user is not signed in via the Zoom client, after the meeting ends the report will not show the id or user’s email.
    Is it expected behavior ?

  2. Why if Host meeting joined to meeting report will show ID and email ? But will not show for participant ?

  3. From what do report get user name ? When participants join to meeting they don’t set user name via zoom client

  4. What is the meaning of the ZAK token? if the user can not log in to the meeting through zoom account

  5. How do participant can join to meeting via zoom client with ZAK token to report will show ID and EMAIL ?

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

After following up with our Engineers for some more test, we’ve determine that this is not expected behavior and is a bug within our system.
We don’t have a timeline right now but until we can fix the issue on our end, the workaround would be to have the customers join the meeting via the browser Web Client.


Hi @michael_p.zoom
Any updates related to this issue ?

Hi @Mike_Kollen,

This issue is still in our backlog to be worked on. We haven’t had the chance to put this in a release yet, you can follow our release log here.

Does the issue fixed?

Hey @babluvarun,

Can you please post more details about your question so we can help debug?


when users join through zoom sdk( {ZoomMtg} from ‘@zoomus/websdk’; ), iam passing username and email but email is not getting saved in participant details when i fetch reports

Hey @babluvarun,

The email will only show up when using a Webinar and calling the webinar participants endpoint.


@tommy Does it mean that the email field will always be empty in the past meeting participant reports even if the email is passed in when joining the meeting?

I see the same issue when the attendee joins a meeting via Web SDK. The email field is missing in the report although it was passed during the meeting join request.