Breakout help request for non-host users


I had a general question about API limitations around the breakout room help requests. Apologies if I may have overlooked something in the docs, but couldn’t find the answer so far.

There is an SDK call to allow participants to request help in a Breakout room. It’s described in the header here:

 *@brief Request for help when user in breakout room.
 *@return If the function succeeds,will return ZoomSDKError_Success.

And triggers a delegate callback, as described here:

 *@brief Host will recieve this callback when attendee request for help.
 *@param userID The ID of user who request for help.
-(void)onHelpRequestReceived:(NSString *)userID;

The comments indicate this API only delivers this callback to the host user. Ideally we’d like to custom-handle help requests to allow other users to potentially also act on these help requests.

Is there any way to allow requestForHelp to send delegate callbacks to all users regardless of host/cohost status?

Which macOS Client SDK version?


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Hi @matt.r.zoom, thanks for the post.

Unfortunately, breakout room participants are limited in who they can request help from. This is a limitation of the Zoom platform, so it will not be possible for the SDK to implement any features or workarounds to allow participants to request help from each other.


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