Want co-host NOT to be put into breakout rooms, and to be able to answer help requests


I teach a class of about 40 students, and have one other teacher. I can make the other teacher a co-host. But when I have Zoom put all the students into breakout rooms to do an exercise in pairs, Zoom puts my co-host into a room same as a student. This is awkward. She has to exit into the main session, and her “partner” - the other student in the room - now doesn’t have an exercise partner. I have to search for a place to put this other student so he/she has a partner.

Also my co-host (the other teacher) can’t see if someone in a breakout room asks for help. I’m the only one (as host) who can see that. We need for both of us to be able to see if a student asks for help. We also need for her as co-host to be able to click on the “respond to help request” button, to go into a breakout room.

Ideally you would give choices in the setup for us to decide what powers we want to give to our co-hosts. I’d like my co-host to be able to do everything I can do as host: especially NOT to be placed into a breakout room. And to be able to see the request for help button, and respond to it. Thanks!


Hi @conniraea,

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll make sure our Engineers are aware of this so that they can prioritize this for a future release.