Breakout Pre-Assign API not allowing update for running meeting (was working in Jan '22)

Through Jan 24th, I was able to use the API to send breakout room pre-assignments while the meeting was in process. Today, I attempted to do so using the standard /v2/meetings/${meeting_id} PATCH w/ JSON payload. I received a HTTP 400 error with the following:

{"code":3002,"message":"Sorry, you cannot edit this meeting since it's in progress."}

We conduct long meetings (4+ hours) that require two (or more sometimes) different breakout room configurations. We rely heavily on the ability to push the multiple pre-assignments for our 200+ participants without having to end the meeting and restart it.

Was this an intentional change? Is there any possibility it can be undone? Kicking everyone out of the meeting to load a new room configuration seems like an unnecessary interruption.

Thank you,
Mike P.

Hi @usmtech

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.
We have identified a bug on our end and I will go ahead and do some research to confirm that this is related.


There is an open support request (#13832284). I believe a fix is ready, and may be pushed as early as 3/20/22.

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Thanks @usmtech
As you said we are working on a fix for this issue.