Update meeting in progress succeeds with 400 response

Until very recently, I was able to use the update meeting operation on a meeting that was in progress. I am using this to automatically add an alternative host for new meetings (that were not scheduled ahead of time).

Now I receive an error when I perform this operation, even though the operation is successful. The alternative host is added, but I receive an error.

Is this your way of telling us (developers) that this functionality will soon be deprecated?

If not, can you revert your changes so that it does not return an error?

If so, how will I be able to add an alternative host automatically after a meeting has started?

400 Bad Request

{"code":3002,"message":"Sorry, you cannot edit this meeting since it's in progress."}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. start a meeting
  2. patch v2/meetings/{meetingId}
  3. see Error

Additional context
I need to set a specific user as an alternative host so they can have the local recording permission on the new meeting.

I need the local recording permission for that user so they can access the raw data for that meeting.

I too have noticed this change. Any way to enable a patch call to update to an active meeting would be very helpful, as this has messed up one of my automations.

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@elisa.zoom - I see that you’ve been answering everyone’s questions and it makes me so happy to think that mine might be next!

Hey @chump
Thanks for reaching out to me! I am trying to help as many developers as I can! :slight_smile:
So, basically what you noticed is that you were able to make Patch requests to a live meeting and now you are getting an error BUT the operation is successful?
I have been doing some testing lately and I can confirm with you that if the meeting is live, you will get that 400 Bad Request.
Allow me to do some testing on my side and I will come back to you shortly!

Happy friday!

Thank you!

You are right. I get a 400 BUT the operation is successful.

Previously I would not get a 400 AND the operation was successful.

In case it matters, the update I am making is to add an alternative host to the meeting.

  "settings": {
      "alternative_hosts": "active.licensed@user.com"
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We are facing similar issues. We have built automation:

  1. Receives meeting notifications via Webhooks.
  2. Sets meeting passwords using Update Meeting endpoint (among other meeting criteria).
  3. The generated password is then distributed internally (via our apps) only to users who are authorized to join that meeting.

In our case, not only the api is returning a 400 BAD REQUEST with following response:

“response”: {
“code”: 3002,
“message”: “Sorry, you cannot edit this meeting since it’s in progress.”

The password etc we are trying to update is also not updating in Zoom (unlike the issue faced by @chump where the api returns an error but the update is performed).

This started happening around last Sunday (Feb 27, 2022) and despite everything we have tried, we are not able to create a workaround. What’s the purpose of Update meeting api, if you are not allowing an update after a meeting is started (our Webook notifications are received after meeting started).

@elisa.zoom Would really appreciate some help and insights into this.

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Hey @chump and @gsingh00188

Hope you are having a great Monday!
I just wanted to come back to you with an update.
I was able to replicate @chump issue and for @gsingh00188 I was able to update the password, agenda and some other fields.

@gsingh00188 Could you please share with me the request body that you are sending when updating the meeting so I can try to replicate this behavior?

I have reached out to our Engineering team and will update you shortly with an update.
Thank you both!

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Thanks for taking care of us, @elisa.zoom !

For anyone else following along: I heard from support that

  • the engineering team is aware of this issue
  • they discovered it as a bug
  • a fix has been provided to rectify this issue
  • the estimated time of release for this fix is tentatively to be March 20th
  • it will be illustrated in the Release notes for Web

Thanks again, @elisa.zoom, for the help, validation, and getting this in front of the right people!

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I’m working with someone from support, so hopefully this will be resolved soon.

However, now the problem is much worse.

Now the update no longer succeeds!

I get a slightly different error message:

{"code":3000,"message":"You cannot update or delete meetings that have started using this method."}

I don’t see any other method to update the alternative hosts.

@elisa.zoom - if you or anyone else have any suggestions for quick fixes, I would greatly appreciate it.

This is no longer just inconvenient. Now it is blocking functionality.

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Please zoom team be careful and stop introducing breaking change in your API without informing your customers and updating your documentation, it’s not serious and it causes a lot of problems for us. Plus, it happened twice during a weekend.

@chump is right.

It’s also a problem for us, we want to be able to reschedule the meeting later, when the meeting already started but the second participant could not make it in time.

Hey @chump I have engaged with our Engineering team about this issue. I will come back to you as soon as I hear back from them

Thanks @elisa.zoom - I really appreciate it!

I am hoping for a quick resolution to unblock us!

For anyone following along, I got the worst response I can imagine from the related support ticket:

  • Meetings in progress are not allowed to be edited/updated.
  • When performing updates via API, these live meetings could still be updated.
  • Our developers became aware of this late last year and started working on a fix to not allow API calls to update live meetings.
  • This fix was deployed on March 20th with the latest release, however, it was rolled back last night due to complications with the EPIC integration.
  • Once a solution is implemented for the EPIC integration, we will deploy the fix again to block API calls from updating live meetings.
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Hi @chump
We are still working on this issue and I am sorry if there has been miscommunication about this issue.
I can confirm with you that we will support editing live meetings via API.
We are working. hard on fixing this bug and I we are aware of the impact that this change has caused to all of you !

I will keep you update

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Thank you so much for the update and great news @elisa.zoom!

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Of course @chump !
Happy to help!

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