Breakout room invite cancellation


Is any way to cancel the invitation to the breakout room?
I mean ‘Not now’ button action. How can we call it using the last Zoom SDK?

Thank you!

Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

The Not Now button would be equivalent to calling ignore. Please note that after calling this on an instance of ZoomSDKBOMeetingReturnToMainSessionHandler, that instance can no longer be used to respond.


Hi @jon.lieblich thank you for replay.

Yes, you are right.
This method is very useful for ‘Return to Main Session’ flow. And It’s works, thank you!

But in the topic I have mentioned general ‘not now’ calling. Sorry it’s my fault :sweat_smile:
I should flesh out:

When the host assigns the unsigned user to the room, user will be displayed inviting dialog, where:

  1. Join is equivalent to calling ZoomSDK.shared()?.getMeetingService()?.getNewBreakoutRoomController()?.getBOMeetingAttendee().joinBO()
  2. Not now is equivalent for what?

Note: I have tried ZoomSDK.shared()?.getMeetingService()?.getNewBreakoutRoomController()?.getBOMeetingAttendee().leaveBO() method usage for it. But the result was ‘Wrong Usage’.

Thank you!

Hey @anton.yereshchenko,

@jon.lieblich is currently out, but will follow up with you when he returns.


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Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

Whoops, I got my wires crossed there and was not talking about the right scenario!

If you do not wish to join the BO room when you receive that callback, you should not call any method. Clicking Not now on that dialog doesn’t actually have any effect other than closing that window. You still retain the ability to join the room via the joinBO method, so no action is required.


Hi @jon.lieblich

Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying!

You’re welcome, glad I could help!

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