Breakout session

Hi Team, Currently I’m working on developing breakout session functionality using video sdk.

let me explain my use case first :

  1. Parent room : Where all the users will join to attend the meeting
  2. Child room : A breakout session room where students can split up into groups( 2 members) can join in separate session in between the meeting. child sessions will be dropped after sometimes but before the parent session end.

I have tried createClient(), init(), join() function with new topic to create break out session. but not worked, end up with an issue like “type”:“INVALID_OPERATION”,“reason”:“duplicated operation”.

My question is

  1. Any specific method or function available to create the breakout rooms ? if not
    how can able to create break out rooms in video sdk??

Hi @puvivinocmv I’m interested in doing this as well. How is it going?

Hi @NickV , actually there is no specific function to achieve breakout rooms. but we can use " join() → Leave() → Join() " flow to achieve breakout rooms.


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