How to put participants into breakout rooms randomly via SDK?

I was wondering if there was an example of how to take members of a zoom meeting and put them into breakout rooms completely automated via the SDK.

We see the Zoom SDK reference but it seems a bit extensive and difficult to maneuver

Which Fully Customizable Windows SDK version?
We are currently on v5.4.54802.0124
The project hasn’t started yet so we can easily downgrade or upgrade as needed

This is what I would like to happen

Device (please complete the following information):

  • XPS 15 9560
  • Windows 10

Additional context
We have a student list. We click on distribute. The students are assigned to different breakout rooms via the SDK. The host then clicks confirm to start the breakout rooms.

I don’t know which function would allow me that in the SDK

This is part of a student pitch project at the Entertainment Technology Center

Hey @ekaram,

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You are using the client SDK and not the fully customizable SDK correct?


The fully customizable one. Specifically the one for windows

Hey @ekaram,

I see, thank you! The Fully Customizable SDK does not directly support breakout rooms, this is something that would have to be built by the developer themself.
You could try treating each breakout room as a separate session entirely, and then put users into those sessions. You could also keep them all in the original session but manually restrict what each user can see. As in users 1-3 are not shown messages or video streams of users 4-6 until the breakout rooms have ended.



Would the client SDK have that option and how would you implement it?

Is there an example/tutorial to follow to have that done

Hi @ekaram,

To be clear, the Fully Customizable SDK does not allow you to join Zoom meetings, so the concept of breakout rooms doesn’t exist in this SDK. As Michael pointed out, this would be possible to implement, but is not natively supported.

The Client SDK does offer a custom UI feature, which would allow for the layout in your original post. Basically all of the interfaces in the Client SDK whose names begin with IBO... are related to breakout rooms (BO == breakout). Please feel free to explore our Windows Client SDK documentation and download the sample app from the marketplace.

If you have any additional questions related to the client SDK, please reach out in the #client-desktop-sdk:windows category. :slightly_smiling_face:



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