Broadcast to all sessions for users with no privileges

Hi there, I am working with zoom subsessions and I was wondering if there is a way that a regular client (not Host) could send messages to all users that are in the session ( Main session + subsessions ).

The use case is like this:

  1. There is an ongoing session with users in subsessions.
  2. A new user connects to the session and needs to send some info to all users, that are in the main session and subsessions.
  3. All the users that were online received what the new user have sent, no matter if they were in the main session or not.

For the main session info exchange I am using cmdChannel.send('test', userId) but I am missing a command that could work like subsessionClient.broadcast('test') , but for the user that has no privileges.

Is there something that could help me provide this ability to send info to all users no matter where are they in the session , for a user that has no privileges ?

Zoom Video SDK: v1.6.0
Browser: Chrome
Web Isolate: Implemented

Hey @moldovanotiliu

Thanks for your feedback.

We do not have an API for broadcast messages among the sessions without host privilege. We will let the manager role also has the privilege to broadcast in the future release.


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