Bug in the App Submission process (Domain is invalid)?

We have an App submission ready to go. Its all there, completed and fine. The domain is validated, returning a nice big green tick. However when we click to submit the app we get an unhelpful error message simply saying “Domain is invalid”.

Domain is invalid

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
As above.

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While I am not sure, the error does not seem to be thrown for the field 1 (Validate the domain) becuase it already says ‘Validated’. The error could be thrown for some other field where you have to enter a URL.

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Hey @BookingLiveDev,

Are you still seeing this issue?

Make sure you have bookinglive.io in your whitelist, production redirect, documentation, and support urls.


Hi @tommy Yes, we’re actually struggling to get any support. We have a duplicate post here:

We have identified that the problem is the parameters we are adding in as part of the OAuth Redirect URL. These are vital for us to recognise a user.

This is classed as an Invalid URL : BookingLive » Connect

This passes validation: BookingLive » Connect

The latter example passes validation and allows us to submit but the integration will not work without the parameter. Can you advise what we should do?

Hey @BookingLiveDev,

Please see my response to your post:

You can direct users to install your app from your site, where you can add the authorize (install) url with the state query param on your site for your users to click on.