BUG? /v2/metrics/meetings has_recording is false when a meeting has a recording

I have a meeting with a recording that I can access through the recording management page (https://zoom.us/recording/management). I can play the recording from there.

When I get that meetings details through the meetings metrics api (https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/meetings) the has_recording property is set to false. What is going on here? Does that property mean something else or is this a regression. I would say I checked a number of meetings earlier this week and they showed they had recordings correctly. Now all are showing they don’t have recordings as surfaced by that api even when they do. Also I did more checking and meetings that have screen sharing happening are also reporting as "has_screen_share": false in the same api. Is this a known issue?


Are you guys flighting a new API release? It seems like you release around the middle of the month normally.

Hey @zoom-test,

This does seem like a bug. Can you provide the meetingID’s this happened to?


I see this happening today now again. I’ll DM you some recording ids

Thanks @zoom-test.