GET /metrics/meetings - type:pastOne returns incorrect field data for meetings

I ran a query on this endpoint (something simple - like GET /metrics/meetings?type=pastOne&from=…&to=… )- the returned meetings are correct, however the data in the meeting objects is always wrong.

All of these fields are always false - even if there are recordings, they did screen share, use video, etc.
“has_3rd_party_audio”: false,
“has_pstn”: false,
“has_recording”: false,
“has_screen_share”: false,
“has_sip”: false,
“has_video”: false,
“has_voip”: false,

Also - it seems kind of odd that “past” and “pastOne” are not able to be run together? Can we do ?type=past&type=pastOne? or type=past,pastOne?


Could you share the meetingID/UUID that is returning false and I can investigate to see why it is showing false.

PastOne and past is not designed to use together as you can either use past, pastOne, or live for the type.


UUID aNno0Iu0RZWC1iVNsawqjg== returns false for all fields. Specifically, I am looking for has_recording.

This meeting does indeed have a recording - I checked against the recording endpoint to confirm.

Would it be possible to submit a feature request for a “type” that includes both past and pastOne? I need data about all previous meetings, regardless of if they included one person only or not.


@michael_p.zoom Were you able to confirm this behavior?

Hi Samly,

Can you provide the meeting ID and account number that host this meeting for UUID aNno0Iu0RZWC1iVNsawqjg==? I see some meetings that have true for recording and screenshare but it doesn’t contain the UUID that you’re looking for.


Meeting ID: 8678726433
Account #: 975349

Let me know if I can email you directly with the full request and response.