Build error after upgrade SDK

Build error after upgrade SDK from to 5.4.54802.0124

Which Client iOS SDK version?

Command CompileSwift failed with a nonzero exit code
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:43:27: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCAuthError_Success’ in scope
if returnValue == MobileRTCAuthError_Success {
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:281:44: warning: ‘joinMeeting(with:)’ is deprecated: Will be deleted in the next release. Please use joinMeetingWithJoinParam instead
let response = meetingService?.joinMeeting(with: params)
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:335:29: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCUserType_APIUser’ in scope
user.userType = MobileRTCUserType_APIUser
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:338:18: error: value of type ‘MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4WithoutLoginUser’ has no member ‘userToken’
user.userToken = arguments[“zoomToken”]!!
~~~~ ^~~~~~~~~
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:433:14: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCMeetingState_Idle’ in scope
case MobileRTCMeetingState_Idle:
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:436:14: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCMeetingState_Connecting’ in scope
case MobileRTCMeetingState_Connecting:
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:439:14: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCMeetingState_InMeeting’ in scope
case MobileRTCMeetingState_InMeeting:
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:442:14: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCMeetingState_WebinarPromote’ in scope
case MobileRTCMeetingState_WebinarPromote:
/Users/lequochung/flutter_zoom_plugin/ios/Classes/SwiftFlutterZoomPlugin.swift:445:14: error: cannot find ‘MobileRTCMeetingState_WebinarDePromote’ in scope
case MobileRTCMeetingState_WebinarDePromote:

Hi @shpy2001, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue after updating to the latest SDK version. I can assure you that this enum still exists in the version you have upgraded to. There may be something wrong with how the SDK was added to your project. Can you please try completely removing the SDK from your project and re-adding it?


Thank for your support. After read step by step version changelog from 4.6 to . I found that contants has changed to NS_ENUM . So , problem solved.

Thank you so much.

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Hey @shpy2001,

Awesome! I am glad to hear your issue was resolved. For others who may find this post: In older versions of the SDK, a lot of the SDK’s enums were standard objective-c style enums, but in more recent versions the enums are now NS_ENUM’s. Meaning instead of this:
case MobileRTCAuthError_Success:
Swift developers need to do this:
case .success


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