Zoom Meeting SDK Error

Error on Xcode 15

Using Latest Zoom Meeting SDK - 5.17.6 with xcode 15.1


Where should be go ? Can you help
Problem here is : Our App is using Flutter as tech stack, And At Zoom Dev Guide Max SDK support is Xcode 13, Unfortunelty We need to upgrade the systems (Mac OS Sonoma) to use new features of Xcode for the latest flutter sdk support.

If we use xcode 13 we need to downgrade our systems? - Mac os Monterey

Our App is facing issues in production Env.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
When user click on Join Now button loader showing & it came back automatically with error
MobileRTCError With status/Error code 0

It was working previously very smoothly.

  • Device: [e.g. iPhone 15][Iphone 14]
  • OS: [e.g. iOS 17.2]

Additional context
We are using this meeting sdk with flutter plugin wrapper which was writtern over iOS Native Meeting SDK.
We are using JWT to auth this sdk .

Let me know if I can share more details with you. Expecting response asap.

@er.umeshjangid ,

Flutter is not support on Meeting SDK at the time of this response.

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