Building custom UI with video sdk

video sdk recommends using single canvas element to render participant streams, and does much of the work to actually render the streams itself using renderVideo() method. Is there way to customize UI( using CSS) for the streams while using this method.

On the other hand if i were to use seprate canvas/video elements for each participant ( as this would help styling with css) how much of a performance hit would that be. I am looking to render 12 participant videos at most.

I have also looked into the UI toolkit for the video-sdk but it also doesn’t seem to provide any helpers for customizing the UI.

Edit: Found a relevant thread : Video SDK: cannot style videos

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Hey @rehema.zoom , can you help this developer please?

Hi @a70717227 ,

To make sure I understand correctly, you’re looking to customize each video stream rendered? If so, yes, this is possible using CSS. Each video on the rendered canvas would follow the same customization.


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