Customizing UI & embedding in own app

I wanted to know is there anyway I can embedded zoom for video calling inside my react app & make changes to UI as of current release.
I have already done a lot of research & am not getting a direct ans either by using client SDK or video SDK.
I am not able to understand even a single line in The custom UI feature, as for what is it doing exactly.
Please help me out!!!

Hey @yashhanda500,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. When it comes to the Web SDK, we don’t currently support customizing the UI. However, we do plan to support this in the future.

You can use our Sample React App as a reference when building your app.

When it comes to the Video SDK, you’ll want to build out the UI for that yourself. This is due to the more customizable and low-level nature of that SDK.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks for the reply @MaxM ,
after building my UI for Video SDK, how can I connect it ,
I have read the documentation but honestly I didn’t understood the steps to follow for connecting everything as I wish.
Please help me on that part as well.


Thank you for your question, @yashhanda500! For guidance on the development process for Video SDK, I recommend posting in our #web-video-sdk category. Our developer team there will be a wonderful resource to you. They can answer any questions in relation to developing with the Video SDK.


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