Building more than 12 OAuth apps in tenant - oauth_exceed_limit

Building more than 12 OAuth Apps

I’m building OAuth apps on a per user basis for our new Learning and Development SaaS Docebo. After 12 OAuth apps in our tenant, Zoom no longer allows more OAuth apps to be created. We have 17 more OAuth apps to create for a total of 30. How would we get around this error message?


How To Reproduce:
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build 12 OAuth apps in tenant.
  2. Go to build 13th OAuth app and click “Create” blue button.
  3. oauth_exceed_registration_limit should pop up in red bubble.

Hi @christian.lambert
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Are you creating Account level Oauth apps??
I so, have you considered working with Server to Server Apps,?

Hello! We are in the same kind of trouble. Could you kindly help?
We are creating Account level Oauth apps.
In the Zoom App Marketplace, we chose “Build App” from the “Develop” button on the top, and then the error messsage “oauth_exceed_registration_limit” appeared.
How can we solve this?

We have only 5 OAuth apps as the “Created Apps” in the “Manage” screen.

We also found the below thread.

This thread says that there is a limit on number of apps created within a 24 hour period.
However, when we tried creating app on another day, it resulted in the same error.
The thread is old(2020), so maybe the specifications have changed.

Hi, it seems we are in a similar predicament. Could you kindly assist?